Why GOOGLE MY BUSINESS is Important for Every Business

Why GOOGLE MY BUSINESS is Important for Every Business

Why GOOGLE MY BUSINESS is Important for Every Business


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What is seen is sold – the most important and assimilating saying.
Your customers are ready to take, even if you show a diagnosis …

How to showcase your product or service is actually part of strategy planning, but let’s find out where to show it.

Why do you get leads just by marketing on Facebook or Insta? The north pond is in the garden.

There are two types of people in the modern world today.

The first is those who blindly buy an ad for a product when it appears on social media.
And secondly, when you see an ad on social media, do a Google search, find out all about it, check the reviews and then deal with those product providers and service providers. This is because of the competition in your field and the variety of options available to people.

Those who rely solely on social media for their business, unfortunately, have a higher number of people who fall into this second category …

So social media is used to reach as many people as possible with your brand or business, while search engines like Google help people to get accurate and reliable information about your brand.

Now the first step in bringing your business or brand to Google should be GOOGLE MY BUSINESS (#GMB).

This is a very effective method, especially for local businesses.

GMB is very useful if one needs a service or product, for example
Beauty salon/make-up artist near me … If someone searches like that, the name of your beauty salon should appear there and this is the need of the hour.
Many of us are aware of this, some are not and some know this type of GMB by looking and experience but do not know how to implement it for their own business. And according to research, 90% of people’s business is not on GMB.

Do you want to bring Let’s Start

According to research, 46% of Google searches are for local information (near me … search) and four out of five people actually use it …
This means that if you show your business there, it will sell and if you don’t show it, someone else will prefer it. So make the most of GMB, Google’s free service, as much as you do with Insta and Facebook.

Now below is the step-by-step information of GMB.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a platform that shows your brand on Google and gives your business a chance to show up on local packs as well as in many search results.

You provide information about your business to Google and, to put it simply, it saves it in its local directory.

If someone is using your brand or business name to find out information about you, they will see it there..or if they are searching in your business area using your business-related keyword, they have more chances to see your business.

GMB is actually divided into three different parts.

1. knowledge panel, 2. local pack 3. maps

1. Google Knowledge Panel

These is the business listings that appear after a Google search for your business name. It contains complete information about your business. Photos of your brand, complete information, address, phone number, website, address direction, reviews, and other information about your industry.

2. Google Local Pack

As I said before … the Local listing shows the name of your business in the local pack of Google .. forex. I do digital marketing business in Undri … and if someone in google digital marketing services near Undri / in Undri / at Undri or undri or someone in this area and near digital marketing services near me then he will see the name of my business.

3. Google Maps

Your business will appear on Google’s map, and if people want to reach you physically, they will use it.
Essential for businesses like hospitals, restaurants, beauty parlors.

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