What are Paid SEO and Organic SEO ?

What are Paid SEO and Organic SEO ?

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If you have an online business then you must understand the difference between organic SEO and paid SEO and how it can be applied to your business.

Let’s discuss this with you.

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid SEO also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) 

The primary objective of SEO is organic search strategies whereas Paid SEO refers to paid strategies to appear in search. The most common example of paid SEO is Google Ads.

Every SEO company has mix strategy for every single client and each product depending on the branding goals of the clients

Let’s explore the role of organic SEO and Paid SEO 

Organic search results are the “natural” results found underneath the ads in the SERPs

The possibility of the viewer clicking on the first listed pages is higher and hence organic SEO is the struggle to acquire the topmost possible slot in the organic algorithm of the search engine.

Organic SEO is classified into three categories such as:

On-Page SEO: Refers to an individual page of the website that targets a specific keyword. It helps the Search Engine understand the content and thus enabling it to rank the web page higher up in the algorithm.

Technical SEO: this refers to the optimization of the technical aspect of websites such as backend structure/ foundation, site speed, mobile-friendliness, indexing, and crawl ability.

Off-Page SEO: This refers to the reputation and authority of the given website depending on the external content that the particular page or site leads to the inclusion of high-quality backlines to other websites.

What is mean by Paid SEO?

Paid SEO includes the most commonly used keywords research, it targets the best available keywords for industry products or services and enlists them on the top of the search list in the form of a search Ad

Price point:

Organic SEO does not require any additional expenses as it is purely about the search engine ranking in the terms of organic optimization whereas Paid SEO requires a certain allocated budget for the bidding to appear higher in the ranking.

Target Audience:

Organic SEO does not include any specified target Audience preferences. It depends on the viewer’s search ability. On the other hand, Paid SEO allows setting different guidelines and priorities of the target audience depending upon factors such as age, location, income, etc. This allows for a sharper, focused target audience reach.

Organic SEO is focused on getting a long-term grip on the brand goals. It adds value to any brand in terms of its visibility. Paid SEO is all about the short-term, quick impact campaigns that are focused on short-term sales goals.


A successful campaign is as much important as a leading brand presence on search engines. It is ultimately the client goals that decide which SEO should be considered leading a given point in time.

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