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Web development is nothing but the way of creating or developing a website for the Internet or an intranet.
It’s all about creating web pages (websites) or applications (such as Amazon or Facebook) that run in a web browser. Web development often involves learning several programming languages, frameworks, databases, etc.
Website design means the creation, planning, and updating of websites. Website design may also include website structure, information architecture, navigation ergonomics, colors, contrasts, website layout together with the icon design.


Web design is a creative way of presenting your information to people who are eager to get the required information from your website. If the website does not look good then people will not get so much interest to go through in detail and most importantly looks not so trusted.

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What is a Web Developer ?

Web development is the process of building, designing, and maintaining websites. The process of web development consists of many steps such as creating, publishing, coding, and maintaining the database.

What are the differences between the Web Designer and Web Developer ?

A web designer takes customer requirements and provides a set of Photoshop images to represent screens a user sees.
A web developer takes the .php files from the web designer and builds a working app to execute the concept.